With so much uncertainty we are facing we believe it is paramount for our young people to be part of a community to maintain contact and support. We offer a safe space that young people can come to reflect and express their feelings.

Young people more than ever need support for their mental health and to be able to access services quickly before they reach crisis point. Our approach is based upon understanding each young person’s individual needs and background. This is tailor-made to suit them. Our aim is to ensure that no young person feels alone and every feeling and emotion they experience is valued.

Through the services, we provide enables young people to have a sense of satisfaction, new experiences, confidence building, learning, and building new skills. Also a chance to make new friends and be part of a growing community. Work with our team towards the bigger goal of supporting and equipping young people with the correct tools to navigate their way through life.

We offer a range of therapies that can be accessed on-line and in-person for our young people to maintain and support their mental health. Online access to fitness classes, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, workshops, 1:1 mentoring, and our digital platform. Our mediation service and parental support aim to improve the family relationship and provides a safe space where everyone can express how they feel and move forward to a more harmonious relationship.


Karen West Whylie

Co-Founder & Director of Governance & Finance

Katie Bristow

Co-Founder & Director of Operations



To empower young people to embrace their individuality, eradicate their limiting beliefs and grow in confidence to become the best version of themselves.