For Young People…



We are delighted to have partnered up with Fuzionlive to bring to you a youth led online radio show available to stream and as podcasts.

Radio gives young people a platform to build confidence and self-esteem, master emotions, find their unique voice to express opinions in a confident way, while encouraging a self-love, as they develop the best version of themselves.

Real conversations that are hard to discuss in a safe and supporting environment. Speaking about current topics that are relevant to their daily lives. We welcome any young person to our online community and wish to support their goals, whether this is as a radio presenter, DJ, or musician it may be that they wish to create their own show or helping others with content, interviewing guests, assisting with background production, creating surveys, and doing research for a specific topic we will be featuring on our digital platform.


We are excited to team up with TP2BME and share our passion with young people, giving them the opportunity to focus, learn and develop new skills. We believe music helps to take people away from their problems, as well as enabling them to express themselves,  which so many young people need.

Fuzionlive was established in 2010
We started as a group of like-minded friends that just loved to play music, we then went on to organise and host various music events which led to getting involved with charity fundraising.

Over the years we have grown and transformed into a digital platform providing various services.

*Internet radio | *Chat shows | *Charity fundraising | *Recording  | *Studio | *Song Writing | *Podcasting | *Live Video broadcasting | *And much more…

Providing music, fundraising & support to the local communities is at the heart of who we are.

So please tune in, get involved and show your support on | Every Tuesday @ 8pm.


 Our Aim

To engage young people in an upbeat, interesting delivery through the exciting content that we produce together.