Fills the gap…

A Place To Be Me has helped my daughter immensely during these past few months. Having workshops and one to one chats to get her through these turbulent times. As a parent we try our best but we cannot always help A Place To Be Me fills the gap giving teenagers a safe space to talk and be heard.

My daughter has also become an ambassador to help other teenagers in similar situations. Plus the new addition of the radio show via Fuzion gives them something to work towards. Giving her and other teenagers their own voice plus learning the tricks of the trade at the same time.



Safe haven…

The Place to Be Me is the perfect name for this incredible safe space for young people.

It’s a place that in a past months has been a safe haven for my daughter.

The girl, who over the last five years has only been known as a very complicated case, autistic and anorexic, is changing in front of our eyes.

Thank you Kate and the whole team!

The girl, who didn’t manage to speak on the phone, the girl who didn’t want to see people at all, is now happily and excitedly awaiting The Place to Be Me – team’s phone calls and face to face meetings.

This girl, who didn’t have plans for her future, who didn’t want to live in a one point, enjoys now meeting new friends and helping others in a same situation.

She has found a place where she can be herself, a place where she’s comfortable, accepted, supported, encouraged and understood.

She has found The Place to Be Me!

This is going to be big.
Watch this space.



Can’t thank you enough…

Dear Kate

I am writing to thank you and the team at The Place to be Me.

I cannot thank you enough,  your advice,knowledge, support,care and compassion has meant the world to me and my son.

The constant support you have given us both is so comforting , you are always there for us and it has been a great comfort in the difficult times we have experienced.

As you know we have had a different couple of years and now I feel like he is a part of something great. He is getting the support he needs and which I have struggled to find. My son’s mentor Dan is outstanding and I know he is finding the ability to trust again and open up how he is feeling. He looks forward to his weekly 1:1 sessions. I am starting to see his confidence growing as time goes on something which i never thought would be possible. But his mentoring session with your organisation has helped immensely.

The workshops that he attended in the summer holidays he has started to use some techniques he was taught and I know with your encouragement he will continue to grow.

He is more joyful, open and I am starting to see more of the son that I thought I had lost. I am truly overwhelmed and touched. I thank you so much for being there, it’s a great comfort,  everyone we have met within the team has been incredibly supportive and I just personally wanted to say  thank you and I know my son is looking forward to his future now he has found “The Place to be Me “



Got her sparkle back…

Both myself and my Daughter had been at a really low ebb after a terrible 2.5yr ordeal at a SEND secondary school. The school has since been closed down by OFSTED and the local authorities due to severe failures in safeguarding and support. No help or support has ever been offered to any of the children since that time. My Daughter’s self confidence, morale and general well-being hit rock bottom.

We were denied any mental health support because we were not deemed to be “in crisis” even though my daughter had said she wanted to die and had cut off all her own hair.

Since being a part of The Place to be Me she has started to get her sparkle back. The Place to be me has rebuilt her confidence and morale, especially with the radio station involvement and being a part of the show and the interviews and the chance to meet other young people and to hear their experiences and tell hers. Great input from the fantastic support leaders and mentors that we cannot access anywhere else. Georgia has attended workshops and received one to one counselling Since coming under the wing of place to be me my Daughter has begun to get the confidence to start back at school, attending more often as the weeks go by and she feels that she is a worthwhile and important member of society and that she can also help others going through similar experiences and give back the help and support that she has received. For myself I have had regular support and chats at a time where I felt hopeless about our situation after years of struggling for help and support. Seeing the change in my Daughter and seeing her happy and confident once more has helped me no end and left me ready to fight another day and to know we are not alone. In Georgia’s own words, she feels safe at The place to be Me and feels like part of the family which in turn has given her a new found confidence to go new places, try new things and to alter her way of thinking into a whole new positive attitude. The Place to be Me is providing the much needed social, emotional and life skills that school doesn’t provide for and it makes a big difference for our family.




Our ethos

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